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Resurgam Presents...

We're pleased to bring you Resurgam Presents... a space of inspiration and revelation! Come to this page to meet our musicians - here is where they share their thoughts and insights, and where you can avail of their experience and expertise. 



In our latest video, Resurgam presents... the wonderful mezzo-soprano Laura Lamph with the multi-talented Miles Lallemant, we explore baroque composer Henry Purcell (1659–1695) and the Irish librettists Nicholas Brady and Nahum Tate.  A touching and beautiful set of performances with some valuable insights from Laura.

While you are here...
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We're delighted to announce the second video in Resurgam Connects. Resurgam presents...Mark Duley.  Mark talks about Heinrich Schütz's motet Selig sind die Toten SWV 391, from Geistliche Chormusik 1648. This an introduction for choirs who are thinking of performing this beautiful piece, with some hints on pronunciation, phrasing, and intonation. 

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