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Siege to Siege
Sixteenth and seventeenth century music of the Habsburg Empire 1529-1683

31st May


with the choir of St Muredach's Cathedral, Ballina

1st June


with Collegium choir.

Friday 31st May


St Muredach's Cathedral,


Saturday 1st June


St Nicholas' Collegiate Church


16th and 17th century choral music from the Hapsburg Empire.  Featuring Isaac, Hofhaimer, Josquin, Morales and Orlando Lassus.

Our programme follows the milestone battles of the 16th through 17th centuries, tracing the major lines of conflict and contact between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, and presenting these points of meeting as musical and cultural confluences, as people and ideas moved throughout places and kingdoms in war and peace. During these centuries, the Habsburg monarchies seemed to have trouble brewing at nearly every edge of their vast empire, and must have indeed seemed to live from siege to siege—but the reward of contact, trade, and interchange and a focus on arts patronage made this an era of thriving European musical activity.

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